Produce healthy Layers.

Produce healthy Broilers.

Produce healthy snails

Produce healthy Turkeys.

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Brooding of Broilers, Layers and Turkey Chicks - DVD & Manuals

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  • D.V.D and Manuals on A – Z Brooding of Broilers, layers  and Turkey chicks ( POULTRY). N6,000. This includes cost of courier to any where in Nigeria. To anywhere in the world $99, and this includes cost of courier.
  • If you want only the e–book, A – Z Brooding of Broilers, Layers and Turkey chicks (Poultry). In this E-book you have all the medication programs and feeding program for the 3 Poultry birds from Brooding till sales. E-book on high breed snail feed formulation (Formula that works like magic). N4,500.


To receive your own copy of the unique manual & the DVD take the following steps:

1). Visit any branch of  First Bank and pay the sum of N10,500 (ten thousand  five hundred Naria only for both DVD and ebookl) to Mrs. Azenubi  Ejiro  Jenny, Account Number: 2006871271.

2). Send us an e-mail titled 'PAYMENT NOTIFICATION" containing the following:

i. Your Office or house Postal Address, that your are very sure you can receive registered letters from courier company like DHL, UPS and FEDEX.

ii. Your Telephone Number (preferably a mobile number)

iii. Date of paying the money into our Account

v. Number on the receipt of your payment slip

vi. Your E - mail address

vii. Title of the information product you ordered for.

To your success.

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