Snail and Poultry Production

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    Broiler Production Secret
    Discover how to produce broilers profitably
  • Commercial Snail Production
    Commercial Snail Production
    Discover the secret to successful snail farming
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    Turkey Production Secret
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    Poultry Production Secret
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Snail and Poultry Production

Do you want to learn or discover how to go into large scale or commercial snail production?

Are you bothered why your snails are not laying? You must get worried as the profit of a
snail farmer lies in the eggs the snail lays.

Commercial Snail Production

You are in the right place…The Book, manuals, ebooks, DVDs on secret unleash on commercial snail production
FROM INCUBATION TO SALES will teach you the hidden secret hidden for many years on commercial and subsistence snail production which have long been hidden have now been unveiled in this my info – product.

Secret on how to formulate high breed snail feed is also in this package, you don’t need to miss it for anything in the world.

So many people get worried why their snails die, all the precaution and preventive measures to  a Successful  snail farming is in the snail D.V.D , BOOKS, eBOOKS AND MANUALS.

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Commercial Poultry Production

Are you tired of visiting the Veterinary Doctors or loosing your broilers, layers and turkey during brooding and at maturity stage? Congratulations…You are in the right website as you tend to benefit the following if you get our Manuals, Books, e – books and D.V.D’s.

You need not visit the veterinary Doctors anymore because you tend to benefit a free medication programme and feeding programme for both broilers, Layers and turkey. Click here to know more about brooding of poultry birds.

Not everyone knows the exalt feed to give to their birds daily, weekly, monthly. If you don’t know the cost of feeds in livestock takes 65% of the cost of  production of any Poultry farmer, so if you don’t know how to feed your birds you are bound to encounter the following problems, “ either you over feed the birds or you under feed the birds” over feeding laying birds will tend to make them die while laying and under feeding them will also make them not to lay, same thing to broilers and turkey, because if you under feed them, they won’t have the right weight when they are due for sales, and if you over feed them you will also be eating into your profit.

Here a step by step guideline on how to calculate feed on daily, weekly and on monthly bases will be unveiled to you.

And at a glance, you know your  profit margin before you even venture into the business as with the D.V.D and manuals you can easily calculate your cost of production and ascertain your profit margin even before your take – off stage.

Here, you will also learn how to administer drugs to your birds from day old to  end of production before sales and such birds include broilers, layers, turkey. Not every one knows that birds drink twice what they eat and lots more will be unveiled to you.

Conclusively,  How to brood your birds from incubation to sales will be unveiled to you.

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